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Uniclub is made for students who want to study abroad. Whether a single semester or a full degree, advisors at uniclub are ready to help you. Even better, it's completely free.

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Get your own Study Abroad advisor.

Expert guidance. No hassle approach. Clear, friendly step-by-step decision making by your personally handpicked advisor. Scholarships, internships and the worlds most unique destinations.
All free of charge.
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Hands-on planning

Choose your university and get ready to get hands-on guidance and motivation.
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We go above and beyond to make sure that your application makes the cut.
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Access the best deals

Enjoy the benefit of being part of a large community with student discounts.
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And super personal

Unlike most, we're not just an e-mail forwarder. You'll notice that at first chat.

What the students say

My exchange trip to Singapore was one of the best experiences in my life. The process leading up to it, however, was tedious to say the least!

Uniclub solves that with great service and an intuitive platform that will ensure anyone can have the great experience I had free of any stress and worry.

Matthew Larsen

Lightning fast response times, helpful advisors who are always fresh on the phone and cool destinations.

Abdi Mohamud

If you are going to school abroad, then you have come to the right place. Uniclub took care of my semester abroad and made sure I got going, with all the documents in order and more in the form of tips, etc. Would definitely recommend!

Racks, Shayan

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Get unparalleled peace of mind from start to finish of your trip

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Take the stress out of Studying abroad.

Let your favorite experienced advisor help you through your Study Abroad planning, whether it is a full degree or just a semester to enjoy abroad.
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How it works

First, choose a destination.

That's probably the hardest part. Are you looking for something specific, within your budget or a prestigious university that suits your field of interest? It's your choice.

Next, apply and upload your documents.

We'll take a deep look into your documents. We'll even go as far as putting in a good word for you at the University. Then, it's our turn to get back to you.

and... accept the offer!

If you're lucky, there's an offer waiting for you at the University. We'll even make sure you have your insurances are in order and all the nitty gritty details.

Finally, share the ❤️.

Your friends and family may also want to experience the thrill of studying abroad. We'll do our best to help them too. Ask us what the rewards are!
About uniclub

Say goodbye to old fashioned letters, stamps and ink-based signatures. We created a digital study abroad agency by students, for students.

Study abroad done right. It should be fast, somewhat fun, but mostly clear to understand. We know it's tempting to just throw the papers in the air and stress out. So how about this:
There are no physical documents in our applications. Signatures are online. Our advisors are super nice and friendly. Over 96% of all applicants get accepted. Also, not to brag but our unique destinations are truly amazing.
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