September 22, 2022

Can I apply for a scholarship to study abroad?

Can I apply for a scholarship to study abroad?
Deni Isic

If you dream of studying abroad, but you are concerned about the financial parts of it, we have good news for you. It is possible to apply for scholarships at majority of universities with a relatively high tuition fee. Students with great academic results and those with average results will find something for themselves.

Does every university offer scholarships for foreign students?

There are many universities that provide scholarships for students from Europe and beyond. There are even scholarship search engines available, where you can find out specific information on which universities offer scholarships, in what amount and under what conditions you can apply for them. Send a message to a Uniclub advisor in the livechat where you want to go and they will respond with available scholarships for that university

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The most popular scholarships are, of course, those for sports and science, where the student shows above-average abilities in the chosen field. Some scholarships will only cover Masters or PhDs, but there will also be ones for your undergraduate studies abroad.

What if I don't get a scholarship?

There are times when you won't be able to get a scholarship despite your sincere intentions and fantastic results even when you have already been admitted to your dream university abroad. If so, remember that there are other options to help finance your studies abroad. There are countries such as Ireland or the Netherlands where you can apply for a student loan when you apply to study there. You start paying off such a loan after graduation and you usually have around 15 years to do so. The amount you will pay back depends on your earnings and possibilities, so it is determined individually for each.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning the possibility of taking a loan to study abroad offered by the government or national bank in your home country. For example at Polski Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego if you are from Poland, BAfög in Germany or through the udlandsstipendium if you're from Denmark. You can apply for such a loan all year round and it is offered to everyone. The loan repayment is very convenient because it takes place 2 years after graduation, and the interest rates are remarkably low.

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