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European University of Armenia

At the accomplishment of the educational program the student must have the following professional knowledge, abilities and skills. Management Bachelor graduate: (Knowledge) has basic knowledge of classical and modern theories of management, development directions, application of newest methods and technologies in various fields of management, and the graduate can apply them in practice. The graduate has also a fundamental knowledge of management functions, decision making and managerial programs. (Abilities) can carry out theoretical and practical research, evaluate the effectiveness of managerial activities and develop strategic and tactical programs. The graduate has ability to make managerial decisions and organize their implementation, analyze the internal and external environment of organizations. (Skills) has developed skills for organizing, supervising, motivating, communicating within the team and other people, managing conflicts and implementing innovations. The graduate has gained experience to continue studies in the second level of higher education in Management or related specialties.
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What the students say

"For me, it's the ability to talk with my teachers like we're friends. The school is small so it allows us all to learn in a very homely fashion" - Ewa L.

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