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European University of Armenia

At the accomplishment of the educational program the student must have the following professional knowledge, abilities and skills. Psychology Bachelor graduate: Knowledge) has basic knowledge of general issues in psychology, psychological problems in different fields and situations, and current psychological problems. (Abilities) is able to analyze and provide necessary assessments on psychological factors in different situations, analyze existing information, and apply field- specific research methods. The graduate is able to present written and oral works to the respective audience and work effectively in a research team. (Skills) can carry out independent professional activities, as well as carry out research work in the field of psychology under a certain direction. The graduate has gained experience to continue studies in the second level of higher education in Psychology or related specialties.
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What the students say

"For me, it's the ability to talk with my teachers like we're friends. The school is small so it allows us all to learn in a very homely fashion" - Ewa L.

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