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About the University 🏫

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), is one of the best universities in Spain, actually number 2 in the country and number 5 in Europe, according to Times Higher Education and QS. UAB, is an academic powerhouse and is a young entrepreneurial university in an eternally exciting city. UAB has two centrally located campuses that allow you to explore different neighborhoods of Barcelona. It is important to mention that UAB simply offers English taught study abroad semesters, and not entire courses, as these are taught in Spanish.

With 50,000 students, where in addition to the local Spanish students you will encounter more than 90 other nationalities, you are guaranteed to amplify your English and learn the most important Spanish words. Plus, you can count on making friends from all over the world.

Students from all over the world flock to UAB, where the wide range of subjects in business, international relations and economics makes it extremely attractive to spend a semester at university. The art and humanities subjects are also known to be of high quality at UAB. If one of your motivations for studying abroad is to reinforce a foreign language, you can benefit from the lessons offered in Spanish or English.

Sant Pau Campus, is located on an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site called hospital de la Santa Creu. Walking about 15 minutes down the road, you'll suddenly be overwhelmed by the world-renowned la Sagrada Familia and Gaudi's iconic cathedral. If you are into a study environment where it is naturally green and beautiful, Bellaterra is the perfect campus for you. Bellaterra campus offers quiet study surroundings with the possibility of transportation to Barcelona if the desire for city life strikes.

About the city 🌇

In the northeastern Spanish coast of the Mediterranean Sea, lies one of Europe's oldest cities, Barcelona. Yet it boasts cutting-edge style, exquisite food and culture, as well as some of the most amazing and modern architecture the world has seen. No other city in the world looks like Barcelona. The stay abroad in Barcelona will forever change your perception of the world around you.

Barcelona's architecture ranges from medieval to surreal. From the centuries-old Gothic Quarter to the sophisticated, tree-lined boulevards of the Eixample district, Barcelona's architecture is from a variety of styles and eras.

Barcelona's landscape was forever changed by the Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, he built a number of modernist parks and buildings. Although they are now over a century old, and look surreal and futuristic, even by today's standards. Gaudí built the majestic Sagrada Familia Cathedral as well as Parc Güell - a true wonderland with gardens, mosaics, winding park benches, hidden paths and whimsical cottages that look like something from an adventure.

If you want to enjoy anything other than art and architecture, there are plenty of other experiences in Barcelona. When the weather is warm, the Olympic Village or the beach is always a sure winner. Experience the local football team, Barça, in a match at the Camp Nou, or grab a bite to eat outside at one of the city's many tapas bars. Barcelona's fast and efficient public transport system makes it easy for you to explore every corner of this amazing city.

Housing 🏡


Vila Universitària - Halls of Residence

Vila Universitària, is the residential area of the UAB campus, located in a natural green area surrounded by parks and forests. In the Vila student accommodations you will quickly feel at home in a comfortable and relaxing environment. It is a few minutes walk from Vila Universitària to Bellaterra train station, where the connection to central Barcelona is strongly connected. The residential area is also within walking distance of the UAB campus, giving you the perfect opportunities to save transportation in the morning away.

All student accommodation has a room with two beds, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, dining room and wireless internet. Towels and upholstery are included in the rent. For the warm Spanish climes, a pool has of course been built that residents are free to use.

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Off campus

Barcelona Centre Universitary (BCU)

A excellent alternative to UAB's own student accommodations, is the Barcelona Centre Universitary. Here you can stay in the middle of Barcelona with other students in a safe environment where Wi-fi and furnishings are included and hygiene is paramount.

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Resa Housing

If you want a credible platform to start the housing hunt, Resa Housing is a good starting point. The platform has been created for students to be able to find and book accommodation during their study.

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What the students say

"I had a blast! By far the best experience of my life. I think our program was the perfect size. I heard from others in different programs that had 200+ students had a completely different experience then I did with our 30 student program. I loved our directors, they personable and so much fun to be around" - Breanna T.

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