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About the University 🏫

As the hometown of the EU and NATO, Brussels is the ideal place for students with different interests. Especially for those with an interest in business, politics and social studies. Brussels School of Governance (BSoG), located in the heart of Brussels, allows students to make the most of the city during their studies.

Over 300 international students from 60 different nationalities head to the university each semester, which helps provide a truly cosmopolitan and culturally enriching environment. BSoG, is a close community within a major parent university that offers English quality education in the middle of a bilingual (French and Dutch) city.

Lessons take place in interactive classrooms where teacher-to-student ratio is low, which gives focus on students' learning. BSoG offers realistic training that allows you to implement it in internationally recognized companies and organizations the institution collaborates with.

With its prestige also follows the advantage of some teaching lessons being conducted with prominent academics and practitioners in the fields of peace and security. They often visit BSoG to give lectures and then interact with students and other experts. Students can also benefit from seminars and workshops with visits from recognised decision-makers and leaders in the EU. As a student at the school, you have access to all the facilities at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, including libraries, computer labs, cafeterias and sports facilities.

About the city 🌇

Bruxelles is a city of about two million, and despite the fact that the main language of the city is French, Brussels is surrounded by a broad Dutch-speaking community, which allows you to hear French, Dutch, German and English on the street. In fact, it is estimated that 1/3 of the city's inhabitants come from abroad.

It helps give the city a breath of fresh air in the otherwise opulently beautiful streets with european architecture and the friendliest little street cafes. In addition, the city is known for its wide range of shopping options, which can make one hungry for a bite to eat and something to wash down with. This is especially true for students on Fridays, who can reward themselves with the city's overwhelming number of shops selling something for the sweet tooth and the city's legendary beer, which can be recommended to be experienced during a guided beer tasting.

Bruxelles has a particularly fascinating international and multicultural crowd travelling around the beautiful European streets. This makes it easy to meet new people, where you will find that almost everyone can speak English to some extent, which is one of the reasons why many call Brussels one of Europe's friendliest cities. Who knows, you might end up learning a completely third language during your studies.

Bruxelles is also home to some of the world's most famous food and drinks, such as French Fries, waffles, chocolates, thousands of different types of beer, as well as cultural icons in the form of comics and people such as 'TinTin', Hercule Poirot, Eddie Merckx and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Bruxelle's relatively central location in Europe provides an ideal starting point for international travel. Brussels is only 420 km from Paris, 318 km from London, 312 km from Frankfurt and 173 km from Amsterdam. Public transport in Brussels, as well as to and from Brussels, is well done and economical. For longer trips, students can find attractive prices on high-speed trains or low-cost carriers.

Housing 🏡

Off-campus housing

BSoG does not have its own dormitories, but has therefore gone to great lengths to make the housing hunt in Brussels straightforward. Therefore, you will be given the document, which gives you the full overview of your housing options in Brussels.

Get the full overview here.

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What the students say

"This programme, along with the study abroad and internships opportunities, have taught me not only to the theoretical part of communication studies, but also to apply those theories to the real, fast-changing media world" - Magali V.

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