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About the University 🏫

Curtin University, is among the largest and most multicultural universities in the UAE with students from all over the world. Are you in love with Curtin University but prefer a different destination? Then you can rejoice that they have campus in Dubai (UAE), Perth (Australia), Singapore and Beau Bassin-Rose Hill (Mauritius).

Campus offers an authentic study environment. You can expect to get the lavish international study experience at one of the most prestigious, modern and world-class universities in a distinguished learning environment. In addition to a nice campus, you have easy access to over 500 nearby restaurants as well as public transport to the legendary skyscrapers. All this with fellow students from all over the world in Dubai itself.

It's easy to see why students from around the globe flock to Curtin University in Dubai. The university is ranked as among the top 1% best universities, which guarantee world class education. In addition, it all takes place in a warm sunny climate with a relaxed lifestyle and a vibrant economy with adventures and new discoveries on your doorstep.

It is worth mentioning that Curtin University is firmly in the world's top 200 (QS World University Rankings). For this comes a wide range of subjects and studies, which makes it convenient to find something within your particular field of study. Whether you are studying for a semester or an entire education at Curtin University in Dubai.

About the city 🌇

Studies in the Sarawak area gives you enchanting and wild sights that include jungle walks and an exciting insight into the culture of locals. When you study in Sarawak, you are not necessarily missing out on the city experience, despite the beautiful nature. Sarawak, located on the west side of the island of Borneo, is considered by many to be the epitome of authentic Borneo. Try the local cuisine, learn more about the area's cultural history, and explore some of the many unspoilt time pockets where it seems as if time has stood still for hundreds of years.

Sarawak, is a paradise for outdoor activities. Explore the mountainous trails of the Kelabit Highlands or follow the routes that lead through dense mangroves in Bako National Park. In Gunung Mulu National Park you can visit some of the world's largest caves. You can also sail downriver in a longboat, or try the Mulu Canopy Skywalk and walk through climbers and ferns, high above the forest floor.

Try some of the traditional dishes during your stay. Umai, raw fish cooked with lime and spices, and manok pansoh, chicken cooked in bamboo, are two of the best known local specialties.

Climate is hot and humid throughout the year, but you can expect more rainfall from November to February, when it's rainy season. Prepare for the heat, untamed nature and a completely different experience, and you can be sure to have an unforgettable trip to Sarawak.

Housing 🏡

Curtin University in Malaysia has its own dormitories on campus. In addition, they are free to apply for and offer various facilities.

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What the students say

"Studying at Curtin University had made me realized the beauty of the city which is located in Miri, Sarawak. The environment in the campus I would say is nature themed whereby you can feel relaxed as you can hear the noises from the birds and trees. Because of that, I tend to focus on my studies easily and I don’t feel rush on everything that I’m doing"- Anna D.

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