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About the University 🏫

Curtin University, is among the largest and most multicultural universities with students from all over the world. Are you in love with Curtin University but prefer a different destination? Then you can rejoice that they have campus in Sarawak (Malaysia), Dubai (UAE), Perth (Australia) and Singapore.

The campus offers a fantastic study environment. In addition to a great campus, you have easy access to the nearby beach and unique adventurous experiences that help provide the true Mauritian study experience.

It's easy to see why students from all over the globe flock to Curtin University. The university is ranked as among the top 1% best universities that guarantee world-class education. In addition, it all takes place in a warm sunny climate with a relaxed lifestyle, and a vibrant economy with adventure and new discoveries at your doorstep.

University Rankings for "Top 50 institutions under 50", with 18 disciplines. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Curtin University is firmly in the world top 200 QS Overall World University Rankings. This is followed by a wide range of subjects and studies, which makes it convenient to find something within your particular field of study.

About the city 🌇

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, about 800 km east of Madagascar. Despite the island's small size, the landscape has not been compromised. The island is characterized by incredible variety and colorfulness. Large parts of the island is covered in sugar cane fields, but you'll also find mountains with green-clad slopes, and no matter where you are on the island, it's never far from the crystal clear waters.

Mauritius is an ancient French colony with a population of 1.2 million, and french influence is evident on the island, both in local gastronomy, architecture and street names that sound both tropical and French. Over the years, many writers, painters and other artists have visited the island and have been inspired by the beautiful nature and laid-back atmosphere. Mauritius' capital, Port Louis, is known for its French colonial-style architecture, its waterfront with both shopping and restaurants, and its large and colorful market.

The local food traditions and the island's complex cultural heritage are clearly tasted in the food you will find in Mauritius. Here you can have a taste of indian, Chinese, Creole and of course French flavours – and of course the sea around Mauritius is also a clear inspiration.

Studying abroad in Mauritius is filled with beauty, relaxation and activities with plenty of options, where you control the pace yourself. Everywhere you are greeted by a hospitable, multicultural population and a laid-back, cozy atmosphere.

Mauritius is in natural possession of the most beautiful mile-long beaches adorned with colors from rural nature. The island is framed by white coral sand beaches and alluring, turquoise blue lagoons with a comfortable temperature all year round. Studying in Mauritius is ideal if you want to combine quality education with experiences and relaxation.

Housing 🏡

Curtin University in Mauritius has its own dormitories on campus. In addition, they are free to apply for and offer various facilities.

You can see what's included in the student housing here.

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What the students say

"Going on exchange has been the biggest highlight of my degree. Not only do you experience university in another country, you open yourself up to new challenges, new people and new cultures. It also builds on characteristics that employers love such as cultural awareness, leadership and confidence" - Lauren S.

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