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About the University 🏫

EU Business School, is just one of 3 campuses, of which 2 others are located in the Catalan capital Barcelona and the German metropolis, München. Campus in Montreux, is an 18th-century spectacular mansion. The campus is beautifully located on Lake Geneva's beautiful coast, and is distinguishedly located in the center of Montreux. This means that students have a short way to the lively student town with many shops and cafes nearby.

Campus offers bright classrooms with high ceilings, along with various state-of-the-art learning facilities. The modern facilities, along with the unique views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, help promote the learning environment as well as student well-being. The combination of learning in smaller classes and the nearly 100 nationalities at university, gives you the ultimate opportunity to expand your network and make a lot of new friends. At the same time, you get quality training from highly specialized teachers, all of whom come from a background as contractors, consultants and business leaders.

In addition to the academic, the university has a well-functioning student council that organizes social cultural and sporting events.

About the city 🌇

Montreux is located on the northeast coast of the well-known lake, Lake Geneva. In addition to the well-known lake, the city is surrounded by Swiss Alps, which together make up beautiful views. Montreux itself is a charming city with true Swiss architecture, namely old buildings with warm colors and stunning mountain views.

The naturally beautiful circumstances and relaxed atmosphere, on the other hand, contrasts with the people of Montreux itself. The city is filled with international students who make the city lively and you can expect to hear many different languages being spoken as you walk the city streets. A language you would like to prepare words for is French. The town is located in the French part of Switzerland, which makes French the main language and a weekend trip to France just hours away.

To those who appreciate living in a city with a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery but want a quick getaway once in a while, the metropolis of Geneva is just on the other side of Lake Geneva. Despite the modest population of about 25,000 inhabitants, the city has a lot to offer in your leisure time. There are great shopping opportunities in the city's shopping center, shops and a lot of restaurants and cafes to settle on.

Due to the many students in Montreux, there is a good selection of bars and annual music festivals. For the cultural pleasure, you can experience museums and historical heritage. Due to the city's circumstances, it is popular to sail in the lake, ski in the nearby ski areas and hike in the well-known mountains.

Best of all? Everything is in bike distance, and for nearby experiences where the bike is a little too optimistic, the trains are incredibly well connected and affordable to use. A pro tip could be to acquire a "half-fare-card" from the start, to secure half the price of virtually all public transport in the country.

Housing 🏡

EU Business School does not provide on-campus housing, but has a dedicated student support team that helps you find accommodation in Montreux. On the link below you can get an overview of the type of accommodation that best suits your budget and needs. From there, you can connect with student support, who will give you a helping hand with finding accommodation.

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What the students say

"EU Montreux was great! We are like a family and I knew all of the students and professors. You come in and you feel like you are walking into your own house, that’s something very special and unique about that" - Caroline B.

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