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About the University 🏫

EU Business School, just one in 3 campuses, of which 2 others are located in Swiss Montreux and the Catalan capital, Barcelona. Campus is centrally located at the iconic and lively Theresienwiese fairground, which is known for being the home of Oktoberfest. The institution's campus in Munich is located strategically in the heart of the green and futuristic part of the city. In fact, the campus is just 5 minutes by public transport from the well-known Marienplatz.

Campus was expanded and renovated in 2019, which today has made it a bright and modern campus with state-of-the-art learning facilities benefiting over 2000 m2. This includes classrooms equipped with the latest technology. In addition, the large windows on campus help provide natural light and fresh air for the benefit of student well-being.

For the teaching, there are various student lounges where you can relax, have a coffee or bite to eat and challenge a fellow student to a game of table football. When the drop-offs and reading begin, the campus library is the perfect environment to meet with the study group and get study-related things done.

The combination of learning in smaller classes, along with the fact that there are different nationalities at university, gives you the ultimate opportunity to expand your network and make a lot of new friends. This is while receiving quality training from highly specialized trainers, all of whom have conscious skills as contractors, consultants and business leaders.

About the city 🌇

Fulfilled with activities and festivals all year round, Munich is a true lively metropolis. The city can best be described as the hub of cultural diversity, which lies honor in both old and new traditions.

München has a dear place in the hearts of many due to their traditions that celebrate the good things in life: Good food, music and celebrations that make people happy. In addition, there are countless events and activities that make you impossible to get bored during your stay abroad. With the world-renowned Oktoberfest, wild Christmas markets, summer beer gardens, skis in the Alps and the big team FC Bayern Munich's weekend matches, you hardly run out of experiences.

München is also a locally known center of "laptops and lederhosen", as the city is a true economic "powerhouse" in Germany. With its high standard of living and innovative approach, the city is the ultimate business hub. That has made Munich attractive to call hometown giant companies such as BMW, Coca-Cola, Audi Porsche and a wide range of up-and-going start-ups.

It's not just laptops, suits and business Munich offers though. That part is offset by lederhosen, ancient historical architecture and German traditions that have been held for many decades. The possibilities are endless whether you are into big business, cultural experiences or a whiff of adrenaline.

Housing 🏡

EU Business School does not have On-Campus housing, but has a dedicated student support team that helps you find accommodation in Montreux. On the link below you can get an overview of the type of accommodation that best suits your budget and needs. From there, you can connect with student support, who are ready to lend you a helping hand with accommodation.

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What the students say

"I fell in love with Munich the first time I came here! It’s such an international city, you meet a lot of people and get to see a lot of companies, there are so many possibilities here" - Windy S.

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