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About the University 🏫

A short walk up the hill, known as the ultimate "view spot" over the capital, is the European University of Armenia (EUA). In addition to a campus area where you have amazing views of the entire city as well as breathtaking views of the famous mountain Ararat, you will quickly find that the university offers subjects and studies in IT, International Law and Psychology.

On the rather small but intimate campus, you'll encounter both local and international students, all of whom enjoy the view before heading to the canteen, which offers home-cooked food in a true traditional way. If one of your goals is to improve a second or a completely different language, you can benefit from the well-established training centre where you can polish up your foreign languages, for example French, German and Russian.

Armenia truly differs itself from the rest of the world by giving the students all the respect and needs for self studying. Teachers in Armenia care about your success, by offering you freedom with confidence, as the driving factor for you to independently be available to your own natural curiosity for the subject.

About the city 🌇

You will have to search for a long time to find a more unique study abroad destination than Yerevan. Armenia borders with Turkey, Russia and the middle east, meaning that the city is a multicultural center. This can be felt when you take a walk in the city streets, where among hundreds of cozy cafés you meet signage in Armenian, Russian, English and in some cases also Arabic and German. The city's influence from nearby countries can be seen on the architecture, food and manner of the city. At the same time, the city has been very good at keeping to its own traditions and culture, despite its modest size.

It can be reflected in the 'Cascade' which is the place to meet in the city. The hundreds of steps give you the most beautiful views in the city, if you have the breath to get all the way up. Cascade is buried in modern art, which flows all the way along the steps and decorates down the garden at the bottom. In fact, there is also an underground art museum under the stairs. Along the garden you will find all kinds of cafes no matter what you crave just that day.

In the city centre you come across very well-dressed people and sports cars, which means you just have to pinch yourself in the arm to make sure you are not in Dubai. Got thirsty in the heat? Take a few steps until you find a water fountain to refresh yourself in, as Armenia is known for their very clean and tasty groundwater - of which they are proud.

Last but not least, the people are polite and they are happy to go to great lengths to help each other. If your Armenian is somewhat dusty, you can enjoy a generally high Level of English, which is impressive considering that the population often also speaks Russian, French and, of course, Armenian.

Under a 2-hour drive from downtown Yerevan you will find mountains to ski in the winter or beautiful lakes to swim in at Lake Sevan. Take the chance for a unique study experience abroad in Yerevan.

Housing 🏡

Experience to study at EUA, it's not that hard to find accommodation. Most buildings were built in the Soviet times, and are today available to the entire population, at a manageable price.
Therefore, there is ample opportunity to find appropriate housing within your style.

You shouldn't be afraid to stay too far from Campus either, as even a long drive by taxi rarely gets to exceed a euro. For more information, see or Airbnb.

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What the students say

"For me, it's the ability to talk with my teachers like we're friends. The school is small so it allows us all to learn in a very homely fashion" - Ewa L.

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