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About the University 🏫

Helsinki School of Business (HELBUS), is a private business university with innovative teaching methods focusing on quality learning. Lections are taught in English by international class-based teams of teachers, the majority of whom are PhDs with expertise and experience from their particular field of education.

Reading at HELBUS is optimized by the module structure works so that you focus on just one subject at a time for 3 weeks before moving on to the next subject. Some subjects are offered in collaboration with Northampton University in England, and thus have a solid curriculum that is internationally recognized.

Additional, the syllabus is tailored to the needs of recent workers in the labour market. The campus is located near the waterfront and just a 10 minute light rail ride to downtown Helsinki.

About the city 🌇

Helsinki has over the years become a vibrant metropolis, and a well-known hub for innovative technologies and modern solutions for urban lifestyle. It can be felt in many areas of the city: Free Wi-Fi in many places, well-functioning public transport and ample opportunity for ride-sharing app opportunities.

The modern and innovative approach, together with the high quality of life combined with the fact that all Finns speak English, has made Helsinki an international hub. Almost 10% of all 70,000 students in Helsinki are international, giving you ample opportunity to learn more about local culture while getting acquainted with a broad international network.

Pubce over the i is that even if you get to experience the vibrating glamorous city life, you don't have to drive too long in supermarkets and jam-packed cars on public transport, as there are just 600,000 residents in Helsinki.

Housing 🏡

HOAS (The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region)

HOAS, is a really good go-to platform in your helsinki housing search. Students who have received the admission letter from the host university can apply for student accommodation through HOAS 4 months before the move-in date.

Vuokraovi, are among the popular housing platforms in Finland, and should certainly be given a shot in the housing search.

A good plan C is Oikotie. The platform has a wide range of vacant homes, but unfortunately the site is just in Finnish.

AirBnB or Forenom Hostel Helsinki Pitäjänmäki

In an emergency where you may be late or don't just find the right student accommodation, AirBnB is a well-known alternative. However, we would particularly like to designate Forenom Hostel Helsinki Pitäjänmäki which is temporary hostel for one's accommodation in Helsinki, as it is reasonably at the mercy of and is close to campus.

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What the students say

"Without HELBUS, I also would not have been able to start my Master's degree program only two years after I started my Bachelor’s studies at HELBUS." - Linda N.

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