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About the University 🏫

Nebrija University, is centrally located in the heart of Spain. The university is a smaller one with its 5000 students, which gives the ideal focus on the individual students during the teaching, which takes place in smaller classes.

Students have access to all activities and facilities, including libraries, computer labs, sports facilities, study rooms and beautiful common outdoor areas.

Despite a relatively intimate campus, Nebrija University is popular amongst international students, which means you get a unique opportunity to improve your English through international fellow students and your Spanish by delving into the experience of living in Spain.

About the city 🌇

The capital Madrid is located in the middle of Spain, and is a true European metropolis with its over 3 million inhabitants. The city has a continental climate, which gives cold winters without snow, but in turn 25-35 degrees in summer.

Madrid offers culinary experiences with its delicious Spanish Paella, tapas and much more. We recommend washing the food down with a nice glass of sangria during the sunset in the pleasant climate. The city is known for its art, which gives rise to cultural experiences and countless of recognized museums. The Architecture is among Europe's most beautiful, complimenting the many beautiful parks, natural areas and outdoor areas.

The night life is something for itself in Madrid, and probably contains more bars than any other city on this planet. There's a sensible mix of cocktail bars and nightclubs that give a glamorous charm that simply appeals to late-night dancing.

Housing 🏡

Nebrija University residences

Nebrija University in Madrid has 3 different student housing complexes attached to the university, where many of the international students live. In order to secure a room you should contact for more information.


A popular option for students studying for a semester at Nebrija University is homestay. Students are placed with local host families in Madrid. Typically, it is one student per family who will provide you with your own room, laundry, breakfast and dinner on the days you have classes. You have to be prepared for the fact that in Spain you can expect a light breakfast, whereas lunch is going to be a proper feast.

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What the students say

"I gained a better understanding of myself and the world around me. I also gained fluency in another language, something that will be very beneficial for me in the future" - Tyler W.

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