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About the University 🏫

Schiller International University's unique mission has always been to promote, develop and shape international understanding. Schiller International University has educated more than 20,000 students from more than 100 countries across its campuses in USA (Tampa), Spanien (Madrid), Germany (Heidelberg) and France (Paris).

Students choose Schiller International University for their passion, for international collaboration, global career opportunities and the multicultural environment. In addition, there is a wide range of flexible studies and subjects, small class sizes, international campuses and tremendous opportunities to develop academically and professionally.

Everything is taught in English by renowned teachers from the UK and US, where the semester structure allows you to only have 1 subject per month. In this way, you can concentrate 100% on the specific subject. A month later, you start your second enrolled course until you have completed and passed all your registered courses.

You have exceptionally good opportunities to expand your international circle of friends and network at Schiller International University's study lounges, outdoor areas or social rooms, which are sensible places to start socializing.

About the city 🌇

Heidelberg has many English-speaking districts because the U.S. Allied forces were based there for many years. Many of the districts even still have English-sounding names, such as Patrick Henry Village.

The most important part of the city for the people of Heidelberg is Bismarckplatz. Almost all bus and tram lines lead to there here and its the place known meeting point in the city. With two shopping centers, it is also a great place to shop. Believe it or not, it's gets wilder than Bismarckplatz. You can also come to Hauptstrasse from there. What Haupstrasse is known for is being Europe's longest pedestrian area which offers an overwhelming amount of shops and restaurants.

If you want to let loose during weekend evenings, you can get used to meeting new people quite often, as Heidelberg is a relatively small town. The advantage of this, besides making new friends from all over the world, is that you don't have to worry about taking the last train home because you can always walk or cycle. So if your bank account has had its fair shair of taxi costs in the past, you can count on that expense decreasing while living in Heidelberg.

There are many bars and pubs in Heidelberg, most of which are located on Untere Street. The people of Heidelberg simply call it "Die Untere". This is the place to meet up with friends and fellow students on weekends. You'll find all kinds of bars and pubs here: in "Absinthbar," for example, you can try flavoured absinthe- remember to upgrade your insurance beforehand.

In the summer, Heidelberg's people meet early in the evening at Neckarwiese. Here you can enjoy a beer with friends and fellow students, rent a boat or have a barbecue. There is also a volleyball court, and in true German style a good game of football is always played on the pitch. You just jump onto the pitch if you have any skills you want to show off. The locals are more than happy with your presence, even though you may not have met before. If the drinks and barbecue delights are to be replaced with some exercise, the ultimate running route along Neckar is a good bet.

If you need your cultural fix then you should know that poetry-slamming is a big thing in town. They are held inside, but during the summer there is open-air poetry slam which the people of the city flock to, whether you are into poetry or just the social aspect of it.

Housing 🏡

Campus VIVA

Among the most popular places to live as a student in Heidelberg is Campus VIVA. Campus VIVA is a student's preferred student accommodation in Heidelberg, and it is guaranteed to be worth it if you manage to book a student accommodation during your study stay in Heidelberg.

See the available homes here.


Another option when finding accommodation in Heidelberg is Erasmusu. It is a housing platform that is used by many students in search of student accommodation during study visits in Heidelberg.

See the homes that are available to you now here.

Studieendenwerk Heidelberg

Studieendenwerk Heidelberg, is a credible union that aims to help both national and international students find student accommodation in Heidelberg, among others. They also make sure that you have good circumstances to complete your study stay in Germany.

See more here.

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What the students say

"Schiller International University has become part of my DNA, an institution where educational diversity is truly embraced and understood" Jeanette E.

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