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About the University 🏫

Southern Cross University's Lismore campus is located in a subtropical area with beautiful landscape gardens and rainforest walkways. Lismore campus symbolizes what the region is known for, natural beauty and creative culture.

The university offers subjects in fields such as arts, social sciences, educational science, education, digital media, business and tourism, marine and environmental biology, engineering, health sciences, law, music and creative studies. The campus is just five minutes from Downtown Lismore, and just 30 minutes from Byron Bay, a true natural wonder to experience if you have a penchant for nature.

In particular, other than the modern sports areas, fitness center and swimming pool, it is especially the learning environments that are truly in the focus area. The campus meets students with the ultimate study lounges, a big library and of course their infamous Goodman Plaza which is an often busy area with its range of food, student services, bookstore and banking facilities.

The university labs have the latest and most modern equipment for the different study areas, which means that you get the most out of your academic stay and a strong focus on the practicalities of your study field. You will have ample opportunity to form new friendships and a broad network as the SCU Lismore campus has over 80 different nationalities that are ready for an Australian adventure in beautiful natural circumstances, just like yourself.

About the city 🌇

North of the Gold Coast in Australia you will find the charming town of Lismore. Home to 40,000 local residents, Lismore is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty, amazing cultural diversity, local charm and the relaxed lifestyle of locals. Lismore is where old school blends with the 21st-century, with the twist of nature in the focus.

In Lismore you can expect a bustling city centre, easy access to World Heritage National parks featuring the most beautiful footpaths, waterfalls and panoramic views you'll never forget. In addition, the city has tourist attractions worth exploring during your leisure time along with a few music festivals each year.

Lismore has a subtropical climate which means that you can enjoy sunny weather for most of the year and enjoy surfing opportunities as the city is 40 kilometres from the coast. When you decide to go on a picnic, camping or simply any trip, don't be startled if you meet a koala on the road, as the area is known as one of the state's largest koala areas.

If you're lucky enough to wander past one of the local nearby villages, you might get the chance to taste their freshly grown macadamia nuts, coffee, tea, topical fruits or some of their dairy products. Lismore is known for its natural reserves and minerals.

This has attracted not only students from over 80 different nationalities that are enjoying the sunny climate and the beauty of nature, but especially also the very attractive cost of living which is significantly lower than the larger cities in the country. However, it's super easy to visit popular destinations such as Sydney and Melbourne through the region's airport, which makes it manageable to travel domestically.

Housing 🏡

SCU Village

SCU villages offers student accommodations of various sizes at a walking distance from campus. The facilities include internet, laundry, outdoor entertainment areas and a mini cinema. This on-campus option is perfect if you want to live on campus and be part of a social community during your study stay.

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This housing platform is a good alternative, where you have the opportunity to search for a wide range of student accommodation for your study stay.

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Homestay is recommended for all students who want to improve their English while weaving into a local Australian family to learn more about the culture. You get everything you need to feel at home, and homestay families like to integrate students as much as possible into their daily lives.

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What the students say

"The skills I developed completing at Southern Cross continue to provide the framework I apply to my professional endeavours and has shaped many of my decisions and solutions to the commercial challenges I face as an entrepreneur" - Neale S.

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