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About the University 🏫

If you are looking for a university in exotic Spain, where the international aspect and high-quality education are paramount, get ready for your endorphins to go crazy. Universidad Europea is among the top 5 universities in Spain and houses over 16,000 students, about a third of whom are international students. Believe it or not, there are more than 110 nationalities on UE.

It gets even better, UE has a campus in both Madrid and the charming Valencia. No matter which campus you choose to study at, you can confidently know that they are all modern and are top geared so that you have the optimal learning facilities. The learning and quality of UE is actually so good that almost 90% of all students get into jobs in under 12 months after graduation.

"Learning by doing" has become the centre of 21st-century learning, and UE has certainly embraced that. It is almost indescribable how much has been invested in labs and partnerships for practical learning. The university offers everything from simulated hospitals, professional media production and, among other things, VR spaces to close collaboration with Real Madrid if you are studying a sports-related education.

The list of facilities is unique and the fact that it all takes place in beautiful Spanish cities gives you a refreshing feeling of what education really can do if you seize the unique opportunity.

About the city 🌇

Valencia offers a vibrant city life that truly meets every taste, especially fans of art and culture. The city has the unique combination of beach and city life which means that the vast majority thrive in Spain's 3rd largest city.

You can expect to want to do something the vast majority of days a year, as Valencia typically experiences mild winters and long hot summers. The temperature in winter is typically 13-21 Celsius, whereas summer time is 27-34 Celsius daily. This creates the perfect opportunities to eating tapas in the countless eateries, having a drink in the local Spanish bars and enjoying beach trips.

If you're into art and culture, you're in the right place. Valencia, is well known for its museums and historical monuments which mean that you will never have to lack cultural experiences in the city. If you are a fan of events and sports, you can also look forward to it. The city often hosts local traditions and festivals, which make the city a party-loving city with good vibes all year round. On weekends, the mood turnes up when the Spanish team, Valencia C.F., plays its matches in the best Spanish series at the magnificent stadium, Estadio Mestalla.

Valencia is not only a huge tourist magnet due to all the elements the city offers, but is actually also a super popular city to settle in due to the high quality of life, and the cost of living which is lower than many other places in Europe.

Housing 🏡

Colegio Mayor La Concepción

Colegio Mayor La Concepción is specially built to satisfy students' needs for housing, comfort and privacy. The accommodation is just a five-minute walk from the Universidad Europea de Valencia Campus. The homes are available both as fully furnished studio apartments and shared homes.

You can expect to be close to campus, downtown and the beach. Also, you can enjoy countless amenities such as:

- Wi-fi

- TV antenna

- Room cleaning

- Changing bed linen and towels

- Maintenance services

- Social activities

- Gym

- Laundry room

- Study room

- Games and TV rooms

- Tanning bed

- Bicycle parking

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What the students say

"A very modern university full of opportunities for its students. The facilities are of the highest standard. The teachers are trustworthy, and classes move dynamically promoting student understanding. A friendly environment for anyone in which you find experiences, friendships that will last a lifetime" - Rebecca S.

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